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Andrea Smith Sweet Embrace

With the release of her newest cd 'Sweet Embrace' Andrea has experienced a surge in popularity and recognition for her songwriting skills, not to mention her fabulous vocal work on the album. The album features the best of west coast musicians including, Phil Dwyer, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Pat Steward, Dave Gogo, Todd Sacerty, Rick Salt, Miles Black and Tina Jones. With an indie label (www.RootCellarRecords.ca) and national distribution, this island girl is indeed on her way to great things.


"...A new bright light on the local music scene, Andrea Smith is a powerful and expressive vocalist as well as an excellent guitar player. Her original songs are catchy, rhythmic and very lyrically creative. To add to her talents she has a genuine magnetic personality and is a polished professional performer. I play her music regularly on my show as do others at CHLY here in Nanaimo. Andrea is on her way to great things musically."

B. Hazelbower Programmer CHLY Radio, Nanaimo

Anna Lyman
It's Lush

Anna Lyman is a jazz singer working on having an international career. Living on Texada Island, she performs locally in Powell River and commutes to Vancouver to perform and promote.

Anna is now receiving airplay on CBC and is working hard on airplay across the country. Her voice is lush with finely tuned dynamics and rhythmic sensuality. She actually lost her singing voice for a lengthy time due to a passing virus and had to undergo vocal therapy with Shelagh Davies in Vancouver, with great results.

Her first jazz CD "It's Lush" was released in Powell River Nov. 23, 2002 with Producer Rick Kilburn in attendance along with internationally renowned drummer, Keith Copeland and with local pianist and trumpet player Walter Martella.

Anna and Walter are available to be hired for local performances and are working on a festival tours over the summer. Anna gives guitar and singing lessons on Texada Island and teaches a combined voice/guitar accompaniement course in private lessons. The CD is available locally at River City and Paperworks

The MOST EXCITING NEW VOICE IN YEARS -- Anna has been described by Producer Rick Kilburn as "just like the old Masters", but wait -- no one sings like Anna: Her lush and sensual rhythms and genuine delivery touch her listeners to the HEARTBEAT.

Wow, what a voice! Anna has been described by renowned Jazz Drummer, Keith Copeland as a "tremendous talent". Juno Award winner Rick Kilburn described her vocal ability as "just like the old masters". But no one sings like Anna! With a distinct retro quality, Anna brings a new dimension to modern jazz vocals. Anna's lush vocals go straight to the heart whether she swings or broods over a ballad. She touches listeners to the HEARTBEAT.

There are a lot of singers out there, Shirley Horn, Blossom Dearie... (long list) Some of them have phrasing, some of them have tone, some can swing, YOU HAVE IT ALL! (Keith Copeland, 2003)

She is that rare creature -- a singer who is completely comfortable with her own voice and knows exactly what to do with it. Anna Lyman was born to a Latin American Father and a Scotch/Irish/English Mother in Michigan. She studied guitar and writes both vocal and instrumental music. One of her newest songs "If You'll Turn Back" appears on "It's Lush".

Being Latin, she also writes and performs a lot of Latin jazz. Club Audiences don't want to leave the club while she is singing! And she's visually appealing onstage... She commutes to performances from her home on a small island on British Columbia's West Coast in Canada, where the lonely beaches and tides serve as inspiration.

Brad Howland
Northern Soundings

Music for Trombone by Canadian Composers

Mr. Howland's first solo CD, with Frances Perriam on piano, Darren Buhr on double bass, and the Pacific Trombone Quartet

"Northern Soundings is a fine recording of both solo and ensemble music for trombone by Canadian composers. Trombonist Brad Howland, who serves as the soloist, quartet leader and producer, has gathered an assortment of compositions along with a refined group of musicians to present a quality recording. The CD cover design is crisp and clean and the selection order is presented like a well planned recital...he represents these works by Canadian composers with admirable musicianship." ...Online Trombone Journal

Brad Prevedoros

An exciting collection of Latin inspired music featuring nylon string guitar, percussion, bass, piano, mandolin and saxophone. Includes original music in the neo-Flamenco style as well as arrangements of popular compositions such as Girl From Ipanema, Manha De Carnaval, and Meditation. Carnaval is a compilation album consisting of selected pieces from Turn Of The Hand, Windows, Firedance, Look To The Sky and Chasing Time.

Christie Grace Late Bloomer

Christie Grace's debut CD Late Bloomer is a musical love letter: engaging, intimate and honest. Released in her mid-life, it is a musical celebration of an artist who is in full bloom. Since making her home on Bowen Island 5 years ago, Christie Grace has steadily established her reputation in Vancouver as a "brushed velvet" songstress working with notable pianists Michael Creber, Chris Gestrin, Miles Black, Stan Keen, Lynton Garner, and Karel Roessingh. There is a purity and soothing quality to Christie's voice which at times can disarm and transport the listener. Her direct and sincere approach on stage is refreshing. Her songs are like a musical love letter: engaging, intimate, playful, a celebration of an artist who is in full bloom.

A native of Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario, Christie's passion for crafting songs was bred into the heart from her family legacy of jazz musicians and artists. Her father John McCullough, a big band/jazz singer inspired Christie's ensuing musical career. She began singing with her talented brother's blues band, before heading off on her own path to Southern Ontario.

In London, at 17, Christie began performing her own music professionally on guitar with her own unique material winning a local song contest. At 19 she moved to Toronto, joined folk band "Harvest", and toured colleges and universities throughout Southern Ontario and into the States. Over the next 15 years, she continued to develop her unique singing style with a wide array of experiences and a move west. She explored musical theatre, folk clubs, hotel lounges, classical traditions in ensembles, choirs and her own jazz trio. In the early 90's she took a hiatus from her singing for health reasons. Ten years later she re-emerged moving to Bowen Island where she jumped into Vancouver's Capilano Jazz programme, reclaiming her musical dreams with the jubilant release of Late Bloomer.

"The voice is brushed velvet, with a wispy burr that sits well on the ear. Its owner stands tall and slender, like one of this summer's lofty foxgloves swaying on an island hill"
Paul Grescoe

Colin Lazzerini

Colin Lazzerini - Vocals
Pat Coleman - Guitar
Bob Murphy - Piano & Hammond B3
Kenny Lister - Bass
Buff Allen - Drums
with special guests:
Ross Taggart - Tenor Sax
Kim Garland - Trumpet
John Forrest - Accordion & tuba
and Emily Coleman &
Dennika Wheat as the front porch choir

Damian Graham







Born in New Zealand ('72) and raised on the west coast of Canada, Damian's musical diversity has led to performances with some of the finest musicians in the country and abroad. (Michael Kaeshammer, David Gogo, Paul Laine, Paul Pigat, Pat Coleman,The Swinging Bachelors, Bob Murphy, Danger Danger, Phil Dwyer, Resin, The Big Band Trio, Tyler Yarema)

Performance highlights have included sharing the stage with Joshua Redman, Albert Collins, Cecil McBee, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Holly Cole, The Shuffle Demons, Buddy Guy, Metalwood, The Paladins, Colin James, The Odds, Junkhouse, Jane Bunnett, Phil Dwyer, Joey DeFrancesco, and numerous festival appearances including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto and Vancouver DuMarier Jazz Festivals, Beilefeld Jazz fest (Germany), High Sierra Music Festival (USA)

As well as playing drums Damian regularly works in the chair of Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer (this site), Composer and has run his own label Bagel Boy Records for the past 10 years.

Damian's production, engineering and graphic design credits include the bands "Dr. Tongue", "Gypsyland", "Tongue and Groove", his latest release as a band leader entitled "Digs" and the ever popular "Nicol Street Christmas I, II and III" which feature many artists including musicians from The Odds, Wunderbread, David Gogo, Camille Miller, Gerry Barnum, Paul Laine.

As a composer Damian has written a large collection of material encompassing a wide variety of musical genres both on his own and in collaboration with other artists. Many of these compositions have been featured on radio and on his label. In 2000 co-writes with Michael Kaeshammer appeared on the later's Juno nominated album "No Strings Attached" (Alma Records)

The past four years have seen Damian touring extensively with Michael Kaeshammer, a young and talented pianist who is rapidly gaining recognition in Canada and abroad as one of the most exciting live acts around. Damian also maintains a busy live and studio schedule with his own ensemble and as an in demand session player. Having performed all across Canada, USA and Europe, Damian has been busy changing the way people think about the drums.

On Digs Damian is joined by some of the most highly regarded musicians on the west coast, Throughout the album pianist Chad Geekie amazes the listener with his incredible touch and sensitivity. A busy performer Chad is also an accomplished composer. Simon Fisk and Joey Smith hold down the bass chair and demonstrate why they are two of the most sought out bass players going. Other guests include Tina Jones (Wunderbread) singing beautifully, Marty Shepard's lush trumpet tones, and newcomer Jamie Campbell on tenor saxophone. (Received Jazz Report Magazine's Most Outstanding High School Musician award)

Daniel Lapp

Diversity Records

Born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia, Daniel Lapp learned the joy of fiddle music from his grandfather, five uncles and numerous accordion playing aunts. Family events were excuses to play music and he carries this tradition into a new era and contemporary culture.

His new album, "REUNION", was recorded in Edinburgh and Newcastle. It is a celebration of "how fantastic being a musician is," says Daniel... "traveling the world and discovering soul mates from other countries." REUNION is the first fiddle album recorded by Daniel featuring 10 original tunes as well as offering some unusual arrangements of a few old standards. There are a total of 11 extraordinary UK musicians collaborating on this record including: Kathryn Tickell on north Umbrian pipes, Tony McManus on guitar, Simon Thoumire on concertina, and David Milligan on the piano. At times, your toe will be tapping, but all of the music is not what one might expect from a "fiddle" album. The genre is explored a step further with Daniel's unique "folk trumpet" and other musical influences, including jazz, which find their way into the recording.

Between the late 80's and early 90's, Daniel made numerous visits to the UK, touring and doing session work. After forming bonds with a diverse group of musicians over the years, he discovered that "deep images and sounds" of his UK friends still remained long after. In 2001, after a much anticipated reunion with Kathryn Tickell in Vancouver and other surprise musical re-acquaintances in Cape Breton, Daniel was inspired to return to the UK and record an album. In fact, "Sweet Reunion" (the first track on REUNION) summarizes the entire experience, as Daniel explains, 'it's an amazing thing that you can play music with someone once and then many years later just continue on where you left off. The "sweet" bit comes from the intimate, nonverbal and soulful exchange that occurs when people play music together, a unique human interplay without bias or prejudice."

Throughout his diverse musical career, Daniel has learned to play numerous instruments in many musical genres. He studied jazz at Humber College in Toronto and received a BMus degree from the University of Victoria specializing in trumpet, composition and world music. His jazz influences led him to form the dynamic quartet, Lappelectro, in 2001. Lappelectro fuses experimental elements of various influences including jazz, folk, and electronica. Their sound mixes loop based DJ culture and live improvisation with a unifying goal to bridge the gap between the two.

This Victoria, BC resident is the winner of the British Columbia Fiddle Championship and has appeared as a soloist with the CBC Chamber Orchestra as well as the Prince George, Victoria, and Vancouver Symphonies. Subsequently, Daniel was invited to Fiddlesticks, an international meeting of fiddlers in Cork, Ireland to perform selections from his collection of over 1000 indigenous British Columbia fiddle tunes. He also represented Canada in Hanover, Germany at Expo 2000 with Bowfire, an ensemble of eleven critically acclaimed violinists and fiddlers, who were subsequently invited to perform on the Governor-General's Awards telecast. Last October, Daniel performed at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton Island, followed by a one-month tour of the UK performing with the Edinburgh Fiddle Festival.

Over the past 10 years, Daniel has taught various fiddle styles to dozens of students at workshops across Western Canada and the United States. He has also been a guest instructor at the Universities of Victoria and Newcastle, England. In 1994, Daniel formed the BC Fiddle Orchestra with 10 of his brightest students. This exceptional group was invited to perform in front of an audience of 60,000 people at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria. This evolved into the Daniel Lapp Fiddleharmonic. Both ensembles have recorded albums and played extensively throughout B.C. In addition, Daniel is the founder and president of The Victoria Fiddle Society.

Dedicated to this music and the fiddle, Daniel is currently compiling a book entitled "101 BC Fiddle Tunes by 101 BC Fiddlers." He will also be recording a CD to be released in the spring of 2003 entitled "Put 'er in the Woodbox" that will feature 35 compositions by old B.C. fiddlers. Further, Daniel will be touring in much of 2002 and 2003 in support of REUNION.

"I am sure that someday, intimate memories and a mutual fondness will demand another REUNION, perhaps in Ireland or the Appalachians" says Daniel. "When that time comes, we'll grab an instrument, sit down, have a laugh and pick up right where we left off."

Diana Krall All For You

Catalog #IMPD182
compact disc, cassette
release date 3/12/1996
Impulse! Records
All For You is Diana Krall's moving tribute to the great Nat King Cole.

Don Thonpson
Forgotton Memories

Kenny Wheeler - Trumpet & flugelhorn
Phil Dwyer - Soprano & tenor saxophone
Don Thompson - Piano
Dave Holland - Bass
Claude Ranger - Drums