Valdy Heart At Work

producers (Bill Henderson, Bill Buckingham and Dan Donahue)

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When Peace Came to The Valley

When peace came to the valley
An old man shook his head
He didn't know too much about it
It was only what he had read
He didn't know too much about it
It was only what he had read

And when peace came to the valley
The Commandant just scoffed
He said my coup will be so simple
With the underbelly soft
He said my coup will be so simple
With the underbelly soft

Yes and when peace came to the valley
You know the church was less than pleased
Because the fear of God and the threat of war
Had kept people on their knees
Hey the fear of God and the threat of war
Had kept people on their knees

When peace came to the valley
When peace came to the valley

When peace came to the valley
The air was fresh and clean
There was a light on the horizon
That the folks had never seen
There was a light on the horizon
That the folks had never seen

So when peace comes to our valley
Be prepared for something new
Because all present attitudes
Will be up for review
Yes all present attitudes
Will be up for review

When peace came to the valley
When peace came to the valley

©1993 Valdy


From the album "Heart At Work"
PEG Music ©1993 Well Written Songs/Branch Music

Valdy Smorgasbard

Style: Folk
Released: 1997
Recorded: Regina & Salt Spring
Label: Rack-on-Tour

This collection contains previously unreleased masters from an eleven year period. There's such a wide assortment of styles here, I called it a dog's breakfast, to which my wife Kathleen replied "It's a smorgasbord." She quickly changed that to SmorgasBard. The fare includes a rare duet on Double Solitaire with Senator Tommy Banks. This disc was recorded and mixed with Greg Pauker at Saltspring's Sculpture Sound

Valdy Viva Valdy: Live at Last

Released in 2003
Produced by Valdy & Norman MacPherson
This two-CD set consists of one CD of live concert recordings and a second CD of studio recordings. 2 CDs, 25 songs; 13 live, 12 tracked

"The 12 tunes on the Studio disc are multi-track productions, with great players, sweet BGs, a few parts flown in on the net, hard disks lugged up and down the 401 to various studios; Logic audio on a dual processor G4 through a Motu 2408, it's all good stuff, great software," asserts Valdy, "and it has helped Norm and I make a really decent recording."

Now, doesn't that sound Canadian?

This is the best recording work Valdy has ever done with keen songwriting, assertive vocals, marvelous textures; this disc should be this good, after the years Valdy's been recording. Maturing as an artist, it would appear, does not include backing away from the edge.

Viva Valdy: Live at Last,

the Live CD: "No Overdubs, No Second Takes!" joined by

Gary Fjellgaard on 3 songs.

the Studio CD: "No Effects; well, Not Many!" 10 new songs,

2 songs reprised, including "Play Me a Rock 'n' Roll Song."

"The original intent was to do the same tunes both live and in studio, yet with so many songs to document, the content shifted to who I am today, and I want to give these tunes some shelf life, let them be heard, et voila! Viva Valdy: Live at Last. Hope you enjoy these tunes."

from Valdy's website

Christmas Dream, A Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Nathan Tinkham, Saskia Munroe

SEALED (only 1 left)

A Christmas Dream CD is a unique collaboration featuring 11 original and traditional Christmas songs from legendary Canadian musicians Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard, B.C. singer/songwriters Nathan Tinkham and Saskia Munroe and songwriter Darrel Delaronde. Created to raise money for B.C. food banks, the recording presents a musical feast that is destined to become a Christmas classic.
Inspired by the annual Huron Carol tour, this project was born when Saskia Munroe contacted her favorite B.C. musicians and asked if they had any original Christmas songs to contribute to a fundraising CD for B.C. foodbanks. The response was immediate and enthusiastic and the recording quickly turned into a collaboration with Valdy, Fjellgaard and Munroe providing harmonies to each other’s songs and Tinkham adding his award-winning guitar throughout. From Valdy’s jazzy Secret Santa to Fjellgaard and Munroe’s moving version of I Saw Three Ships, this CD is a seamless blend of original and traditional songs. All the musicians have donated 100% of their talent and time to create this CD.

The enthusiasm of the musicians is matched by the support of the small southeastern B.C. town of Revelstoke where Munroe and her co-executive producer, Krista Stovel, are based. From garage sales to fundraising concerts all of the monies raised has come from local individuals, businesses, service clubs and foundations. The beautiful painting on the CD cover was created by local artist David S. Walker and the Revelstoke Arts Council is sponsoring the project. Through Revelstoke’s community spirit the producers were able to raise all the money needed to produce and manufacture the CD so that 100% of the profits will go to the food banks where the CDs are sold. ($18 to food banks and $2 to go back into remanufacturing.)

In November 2002, there will be concerts in Revelstoke and Invermere to raise money for local food banks through concert proceeds and CD sales. A tour reaching more communities will take place next year. The goal for A Christmas Dream is to raise funds and awareness of the important role the food banks play in each community and create a recording that will generate income for B.C. food banks long past it’s release in 2002.

If you would like more information please contact Krista Stovel at:
ph: 1.250.837.3515 or email:

Nathan Tinkham - guitar, dobro & vocals

Valdy - guitar,bass & vocals

Gary Fjellgaard - guitar & vocals

Saskia Munroe - bass & vocals

Krista Stovel - vocals
Valdy meet Gary Fjellgaard; Gary Fjellgaard, this is ValdyOf Course, introductions are unnecessary - these two guys have known each other far too long for any kind of formality. Now, with their first album together, Contenders, on the leading Canadian roots music record label, Stony Plain - and a national tour underway, they make the most logical duo in Canadian music.Consider, if you will, what they share. They\'re both family men. They both live on small islands off the coast of British Columbia. They\'re both singer-songwriters with an eye for memorable tunes and finely-honed images. They\'re both road warriors who tour, and tour, and tour.They\'re both committed Canadians, and, more particularly, committed Western Canadians. And their music draws on all the aspects of life in the west. \"Western roots\" they call it. It\'s music that, in every note, echoes the mountains and the sea, the cowboys and the fishermen, the oil well roustabouts and the loggers, the sunsets and the rain, the streak of rugged independence and contrariness that so many display, and the generosity and warmth that make Westerners so welcoming to all. Valdy, born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for years. A man with a thousand friends, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, he\'s a songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.Still remembered for Play Me a Rock and Roll Song, his bitter-sweet memory of finding himself, a relaxed and amiable story-teller, facing a rambunctious audience at a rock festival, Valdy has sold almost half a million copies of his 13 albums, and has two Juno Awards (a total of seven Juno nominations), and four Gold albums to his credit.Along the way, he\'s taken his music to a dozen different countries, from Denmark to Australia, been an invited performer for five years in a row at the prestigious Kerrville Festival in Texas, and even played a lead role in an episode of The Beachcombers.Today, he\'s based on Salt Spring Island, where he lives with his wife, three dogs and a cat (the three grown-up \"kids\" are all now living in other parts of British Columbia). Gary Fjellgaard has been described as a \"national treasure\" and one writer summed up his music this way: \"It is so rich that his art is free of bitterness, whining, self-pity, and manufactured pathos. He is the poet of the extravagantly good side of the human spirit; breathtakingly humane and compassionate.\"Like Valdy, Fjellgaard came to the Gulf Islands (he lives with his wife on Gabriola Island) well into his 25-year career. The island’s peaceful calm (not to mention the view from his living room window) makes it hard for him, sometimes, to leave. It is not only a haven from the road, and a different geography than the one he knew growing up in Saskatchewan, but a place to write the sort of songs that lovingly recall the past, take an affectionate view of the present and look optimistically into the future.He has a stubborn streak, which is why he\'s never changed his Norwegian name so people who don\'t know him could spell and pronounce it properly; now nearly everyone knows it\'s pronounced Fell-Gard. As a songwriter, he\'s a storyteller - and the stories he tells come from his two decades in the logging industry, his annual stints as a trail-riding cowboy, and his travels back and forth across Canada.His reputation has been earned in the country music field, and if his songs bear little resemblance to the \"hot new country\" that fills the airwaves today, he has had more than his share of successes - and has a shelf-full of awards to prove it. Together, Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard are a near-perfect team. The songs they\'ve written for Contenders touch their common ground with the familiarity and warmth only old friends can share. They are both experienced entertainers who know how to earn the respect of their audiences, and deliver shows, night after night, that send people home with smiles and the feeling that they\'ve experienced something special and heartwarming.The pair are in the midst of a national tour to support Contenders, and to bring the songs to audiences across the country. No spotlights. No stacks of heavy-duty speakers and power amplifiers. No all-star backup band. Just two guys, two guitars, and two dozen songs or more that tell where they\'ve been, where they are and where they\'re going.

A new decade really needs the old verities more than ever before, and these contenders prove the point.

thanks to Marci at Noteworthy Concepts

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Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard Contenders

CD (December 28, 1999)
Original Release Date: April 4, 2000
Label: Stony Plain Music

a duet from Vancouver Island's Hall of Fame

Valdy Valdy's Kid's Record

This wonderful collection of songs has legs; it sells briskly year after year, delighting kids 2 to 8, and sequenced so as to be non-irritating to (most) parents.

Bayview Community School Choir in Vancouver added their voices to this collection of encouraging and entertaining songs, which includes Daddy's Okay, Workin' On The Railroad, and an original take on Quartermaster's Store.

Valdy Classic Collection

CD (December 2, 1997)
Label: Universal/Polygram
A "Best Of" up until 1988, songs chosen by Valdy, released by A&M, now distributed by Universal Music Canada and Joe Radio. and an acoustic version of the hit Play Me a Rock 'n' Roll Song, this track live from Massey Hall. 18 tracks in all, it includes Valdy's first string quartette arrangement ever on Whirl and Twirl and Swirl (circa 1972).

Valdy The Best of Valdy

20th Century Masters
The Millenium Collection
digitally remastered

Valdy See How the Years Have Gone By

Released in 1989(1975)

extremely rare used cd in excellent condition


This is a Japanese Issue of a 12-trk CD Album.
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Valdy Country Man

vinyl LP

Release Date: 12/31/1971

A veteran of the guitar and piano from an early age, Valdy grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, born of Danish parents. From the mid-'60s, he played with the London Town Criers, the Prodigal Sons and Blake Emmons. Signed to A&M for a solo contract, Valdy recorded his first solo album, Country Man, in 1972 and soon became Canada's second most popular folk singer (behind Gordon Lightfoot) through albums such as Landscapes (1973), Family Gathering (1974), See How the Years Have Gone By (1975) and Valdy & the Hometown Band (1976). Four more albums followed for A&M: Hot Rocks (1978), Passport: Best of Valdy (1979), 1001 (1980) and Valdy's Kids Record (1982). After one album for Duke Street entitled Notes from Places in 1985, Valdy signed with Oak Street Music and released Heart at Work in 1993. He has also collaborated with Max Bennett and Bob Ruzicka.


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