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Alan Miceli
the spaces between

Released: 2002
Producer: Jordy Sharp
Recorded: Salt Spring Island
An instrumental album of original songs played on steel string and classical guitar.

Alison Vardy

solo celtic harp

Andrew Oye
& The Wankin' Family

Brad Prevedoros

An exciting collection of Latin inspired music featuring nylon string guitar, percussion, bass, piano, mandolin and saxophone. Includes original music in the neo-Flamenco style as well as arrangements of popular compositions such as Girl From Ipanema, Manha De Carnaval, and Meditation. Carnaval is a compilation album consisting of selected pieces from Turn Of The Hand, Windows, Firedance, Look To The Sky and Chasing Time.

Brent Streeper
The Saltspring Sessions #1

Style: Vocal/Instrumental
Released: 2001
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Label: GSC Records Inc.

xceptional Piano Playing, and a Beautiful Voice - one of 3 people that Frank Sinatra would allow to sing in his presence. Performed with Frank Sinatra, Dianne Carroll, Vic Damone, and was house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub

Coast String Fiddlers All Strings Considered

Just released recording of your favourite Coast String Fiddler tunes !

The Coast String Fiddlers Association, a non-profit association which is committed to promote the understanding and learning of traditional fiddle music through the support of fiddle instruction and related activities. The School and other activities including concerts, workshops and fiddle clubs are organized by volunteers. We are located in Roberts Creek, B.C.

It all began in 1993 with a group of young fiddlers playing in a park. With the help of Michelle Bruce, a local Suzuki violin teacher, weekly practices began. Soon parents became involved in the accompaniment of the fiddlers on piano, accordion, guitar and bodhran. Cellists and violists joined with highland dancers added and now the group boasts a membership of about 20 players from age 9-18 years.

The group has become so popular on the Sunshine Coast in attracting potential young players, two new fiddle groups at the beginner level "Horsetails" and the "Rosin Racers" were formed in 1999 to provide a stepping stone for youngsters wishing to become Coast String Fiddlers.

Daniel Lapp

Diversity Records

Born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia, Daniel Lapp learned the joy of fiddle music from his grandfather, five uncles and numerous accordion playing aunts. Family events were excuses to play music and he carries this tradition into a new era and contemporary culture.

His new album, "REUNION", was recorded in Edinburgh and Newcastle. It is a celebration of "how fantastic being a musician is," says Daniel... "traveling the world and discovering soul mates from other countries." REUNION is the first fiddle album recorded by Daniel featuring 10 original tunes as well as offering some unusual arrangements of a few old standards. There are a total of 11 extraordinary UK musicians collaborating on this record including: Kathryn Tickell on north Umbrian pipes, Tony McManus on guitar, Simon Thoumire on concertina, and David Milligan on the piano. At times, your toe will be tapping, but all of the music is not what one might expect from a "fiddle" album. The genre is explored a step further with Daniel's unique "folk trumpet" and other musical influences, including jazz, which find their way into the recording.

Between the late 80's and early 90's, Daniel made numerous visits to the UK, touring and doing session work. After forming bonds with a diverse group of musicians over the years, he discovered that "deep images and sounds" of his UK friends still remained long after. In 2001, after a much anticipated reunion with Kathryn Tickell in Vancouver and other surprise musical re-acquaintances in Cape Breton, Daniel was inspired to return to the UK and record an album. In fact, "Sweet Reunion" (the first track on REUNION) summarizes the entire experience, as Daniel explains, 'it's an amazing thing that you can play music with someone once and then many years later just continue on where you left off. The "sweet" bit comes from the intimate, nonverbal and soulful exchange that occurs when people play music together, a unique human interplay without bias or prejudice."

Throughout his diverse musical career, Daniel has learned to play numerous instruments in many musical genres. He studied jazz at Humber College in Toronto and received a BMus degree from the University of Victoria specializing in trumpet, composition and world music. His jazz influences led him to form the dynamic quartet, Lappelectro, in 2001. Lappelectro fuses experimental elements of various influences including jazz, folk, and electronica. Their sound mixes loop based DJ culture and live improvisation with a unifying goal to bridge the gap between the two.

This Victoria, BC resident is the winner of the British Columbia Fiddle Championship and has appeared as a soloist with the CBC Chamber Orchestra as well as the Prince George, Victoria, and Vancouver Symphonies. Subsequently, Daniel was invited to Fiddlesticks, an international meeting of fiddlers in Cork, Ireland to perform selections from his collection of over 1000 indigenous British Columbia fiddle tunes. He also represented Canada in Hanover, Germany at Expo 2000 with Bowfire, an ensemble of eleven critically acclaimed violinists and fiddlers, who were subsequently invited to perform on the Governor-General's Awards telecast. Last October, Daniel performed at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton Island, followed by a one-month tour of the UK performing with the Edinburgh Fiddle Festival.

Over the past 10 years, Daniel has taught various fiddle styles to dozens of students at workshops across Western Canada and the United States. He has also been a guest instructor at the Universities of Victoria and Newcastle, England. In 1994, Daniel formed the BC Fiddle Orchestra with 10 of his brightest students. This exceptional group was invited to perform in front of an audience of 60,000 people at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria. This evolved into the Daniel Lapp Fiddleharmonic. Both ensembles have recorded albums and played extensively throughout B.C. In addition, Daniel is the founder and president of The Victoria Fiddle Society.

Dedicated to this music and the fiddle, Daniel is currently compiling a book entitled "101 BC Fiddle Tunes by 101 BC Fiddlers." He will also be recording a CD to be released in the spring of 2003 entitled "Put 'er in the Woodbox" that will feature 35 compositions by old B.C. fiddlers. Further, Daniel will be touring in much of 2002 and 2003 in support of REUNION.

"I am sure that someday, intimate memories and a mutual fondness will demand another REUNION, perhaps in Ireland or the Appalachians" says Daniel. "When that time comes, we'll grab an instrument, sit down, have a laugh and pick up right where we left off."

Dimiter Terziev
Nocturnal World
Field, Chopin, Liszt, Faure, Scriabin, Pepin, Morley, Vladigerov


The nocturne genre of the 19th-20th century is deeply connected to the feelings and images of Romanticism. As such, it reflects one of its most quintessential images, defined as "infinite longing for an ideal state of being".

There is a span of more than 120 years between the earliest and the latest piece recorded on this CD, and each composer comes from a different ethnic origin - Irish, Polish, Hungarian, French, Russian, French Canadian, English Canadian and Bulgarian. Yet, unity is created by their common romantic spirit; a spirit which unfolds like unbroken thread from the charming simplicity of Field through the melodic genius of Chopin to the lush harmonies of Pepin, Morley and Vladigerov.

Dimiter Terziev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Piano Performance. Among his teachers were the distinguished Bulgarian pianists Antoaneta Arsova, Milena Mollova and Nikolay Evrov.

In 1995, after three years of full-time teaching, Mr. Terziev moved to Canada, and earned a Diploma of Advanced Music Performance Studies from Concordia University in Montreal as a student of Anna Szpilberg. In 2000 he completed a Master's degree in Piano Performance at the University of Alberta in Edmonton under the supervision of Dr. Stephane Lemelin. He and his wife Ilka are currently living in Kamloops BC. Dimiter teaches piano at the United Conservatory of Music in Kamloops, Fountainview Academy in Lillooet, and a private studio in Ashcroft.

Dimiter Terziev has given numerous piano and chamber recitals in Canada, USA Bulgaria, Germany and The Netherlands. He has performed with several Bulgarian orchestras, as well as the Kamloops Symphony. He was awarded third prize at the Chopin National Competition in Bulgaria in 1989, and has made several recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television. Terziev's debut CD "Colours of Bulgaria" was sponsored by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and
was awarded Four Stars both by the CBC's "Sound Advice" and
"La scena musicale" magazine. He has recently recorded his second disc "Nocturnal World".

"Master of stirring mystery of sound ... His playing constantly moved between poetry and passion."
(Badische Zeitung, Germany)

"He is a musician of deeply reasoned convictions, who already has a well-defined understanding of his own artistic voice. He is a musician who thinks at the piano and who has the gift of communicating his artistic vision in an engaging manner."
(Dr. Stephane Lemelin, Canada)


CD (November 10, 1996)
Original Release Date: November 10, 1996
Saltwater Naomi DeBruyn - Editor, Linear Reflections: www.linearreflections.com Victoria, BC, Canada, 5 / 2002 E.V .

Djolé is pronounced "jo-lay" and it is the word which the Mandinka people of West Africa use to describe the joy of life. This is something that is captured in the music which this wonderfully explorative and innovative group perform. Djolé is comprised of Niel Golden, Joby Baker, Doug Galbraith, Scott Sheerin, Sara Marreiros, and Tobin Stokes. Also joining them for this disc are Michael Baron, Dean Samuel, Stephen Kent, Danuel Tate, and Enrique Rivas. Together they perform some musical magic, wandering through new territory with their "timeless sound interwoven with jazz influences." Each track draws forth something new and unique from the listener's perspective, as well. There are a number of diverse and unique instruments used on this disc, far too many to name here, however you could pretty well travel the world through their use. Sara adds a poignant haunting effect to a number of the tracks with her vocal twinings, and gives greater depth to the already enriching pieces. "Cadboro Bay" is a place which is very familiar to me. I spent many summers there as I was growing up, as it was only a mile or so from my home. The tidal flow is captured with the melody, and Sara's vocals carry you along like a refreshing ocean breeze. It is a track which I found to be both relaxing and invigorating. A light and jazzy refrain is found in "Sutukum," a traditional piece. The soprano saxophone takes center stage, the notes pouring forth from it dancing about and above the melody, with the beat being kept by a Moroccan frame drum. Add in a Fender Rhodes and you have a rather incongruous blend, but it is quite pleasing to both the ears and soul. The final track on this disc is "The Idea of Earth," an original Djolé composition. It incorporates a number of those world wide instruments I mentioned earlier, from the tabla to the didgeridoo, and is a rather playful piece incorporating all of the unique sounds which come from the instruments. What the mind thinks should emerge as no more than a cacophony, is in reality a beautiful piece. Djolé is a group who's music excites and explores new avenues of approach, blending the not so obvious with traditional arrangements. They are to be enjoyed, and listened to repeatedly.

the musicians

Joby Baker (Bass, Drums, Synthesizer & Voice).

Doug Galbraith (Kora, Nylon String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Clave, Conga, Djembe & Sabar).

Niel Golden (Tabla, Doumbek, Tar, Tambourine, Woodblock & Shaker).

Sara Marreiros (Voice).

Scott Sheerin (Flute, Soprano Saxophone).

Tobin Stokes (Piano & Vibes).

Also featuring performance contributions by:

Michael Baron (Hand Drum & Shaker).

Stephen Kent (Didgeridoo, Click Stick & Shaker).

Enrique Rivas (Surdo & Cuica).

Dean Samuel (Mbira).

Daniel Tate (Electric Piano).

Doug Cox and Todd Butler Dobro and Guitar







It's only a matter of time before two gifted performers who share a love of guitars, who live in the same town and who strive to create something musically unique turn their friendship into a creative partnership. That's how easily it started for Comox Valley residents Doug Cox and Todd Butler (or Todd Butler and Doug Cox, depending on which one you ask.) They began jamming together. Loose-knit jamming turned into a few shows, and a few shows turned into a few more. They both sang. Todd told some jokes along the way and Doug played his Dobro. Then Todd shot off some riffs on his guitar and Doug went at his Weissenborn.

Before they knew it, they had an album ("Live Blues", 2002) to promote and a growing fan base of supporters who wanted to hear more original songs. One problem. This impromptu duo didn't have more originals. So they wrote some. With considerable experience behind them - Todd and Doug each have multiple solo recordings to their credit - they entered a studio in March and emerged in June with their proper debut, "Dobro and Guitar". It's just like the early days: Doug plays his Dobro and Todd plays his guitar. Except this time neither of them sing.

They share a lifetime of stage experience between them, which shows at every turn on "Dobro and Guitar". The record's 12 songs are punctuated with passionate, expert musicianship, most notably Doug's note-perfect and soulful Dobro skills and Todd's lightning quick mastery on the guitar. Their two styles work symbiotically like a match made in heaven. They even manage to slide a bit of comic levity in on the song, More Musta. "Can I get a copy of this tape?" Todd yells jokingly after an apparent bad take. It's the same question which has been asked for years by this duo's fans. Now there's an official answer. "Dobro and Guitar".

They've played everything from a small blues festival on Hornby Island to Alberta's legendary North Country Fair. And each time they won new fans and delighted old ones with a mix of humour, compassion and grace. That's how it started. That's how it will always be.